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Dhoni’s Bat Is The Most Expensive Cricket Bat In The World

Dhoni's Bat Is The Most Expensive Cricket Bat In The World
Dhoni's Bat Is The Most Expensive Cricket Bat In The World

Let’s know more about to Dhoni’s Bat Is The Most Expensive Cricket Bat In The World. Cricket is the game that loved by most people around the world and it is the favorite sports for all ages. Every cricket players and coaches require kids to play cricket in which basic things are ball and bat. There are some perfect things involved in it which make the cricketer’s performance better while batting. Batting only will not provide success, but also a fitness and regular practice can make the player even more powerful and strong. Every player will choose their bat depends upon their requirements to suit them well. The audience in the world should not consider that bat is only important, there are several bat’s types are available that allows players to play well. Every batsman depends on their style along with physical standards and strength to select the cricket bat.

The best cricket player always rises up the bats in order to show their achievements. For cricket players, bats are like the sword which is utilized to win any matches. Cricket becomes quite interesting and exciting game for best cricketers with best expensive cricket Bat.

The Bat Brand That Stands Behind Dhoni Success

Dhoni's Bat Is The Most Expensive Cricket Bat In The World
Dhoni’s Bat Is The Most Expensive Cricket Bat In The World

The most expensive cricket bat was Dhoni’s bat because his bat has been sold at auction for  $161,295 and it was taken by RK Global Shares and Securities Limited. The bat Spartan brand was utilized by M.S Dhoni on 2nd April 2011 World Cup finals in the art Wankhede Stadium. India played against Australia in the finals at Sydney, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the iconic batsman of India hit winning six in that match. It also entered in Limca Book and Guinness World Records after it had been sold for such an expensive cost, and in Indian cost, it was estimated as one crore. Amit Bhagchandka bought this bat, who is chief executive officer of R.K Global company.

Another special thing about that bat was signed by MS Dhoni. Bhagchandka, a Dhoni fan mentioned that, Even though, the bat was bought by R.K Global it will remain forever as Dhoni’s property.

Questions Asked To Bhagchandka – Dhoni’s Bat Is The Most Expensive Cricket Bat

Dhoni's Bat Is The Most Expensive Cricket Bat
Dhoni’s Bat Is The Most Expensive Cricket Bat

RK Global CEO said that from childhood everyone seen Kapil Dev won the trophy in the year 1983. After that Dhoni gave the opportunity to change the history and it made him buy MS Dhoni bat with huge money. In front of him, another question was raised that,” if India wins in the upcoming final match will you buy it. He replied, of course, I buy it without any hesitation and he hoping that India will win for sure in the forthcoming matches. And also he praised MS Dhoni due to his dual role batsman as well as wicket keeper.

Dhoni’s humble and down to earth personality makes everyone fans of him. Ranchi-based Dhoni was joined cricket team in the year 2004 and he emerges as the world’s successful cricket captain. He is the only captain has won every three major events in ICC and also he only awarded with ICC ODI Player in the year 2008 and 2009.

Is MS Dhoni Going To Use The Colored Spartan Bat In 2017 IPL – Dhoni’s Bat Is The Most Expensive Cricket Bat

Rising Pune Supergiants leader Mahendra Singh Dhoni may utilize colored bats and it revealed by the manager in Spartan. Following the trend of Andre Russell and Chris Gayle player Dhoni’s fans expecting as he may use colored bat. If it so, it will be the largest thing in order to promote the bats of Spartan brand. Bat manufacturers Spartan loves to see that MS Dhoni use colored bat. Dhoni is higher than welcome to utilize the colored bat and apart from the player he is an amazing role model for everyone. Under BBL rules and regulation, a player can get colored bat-like black or primary kit color. According to rule cricket bat can’t leave the imprint on the ball or discolor it.

Apparently, the bat utilized by Russel had not adhered any rules as mentioned above and it had shunted out of a game. However, the company has made a few tweaks in varnish used. All such modifications had been made in the Spartan headquarters in which Extratec coating was applied. This quality coating will prevent the ball from any type of damages.

Spartan Manufacturing Company With Dhoni – Dhoni’s Bat Is The Most Expensive Cricket Bat

Dhoni is considered as the brand Spartan ambassador and the manufacturing firm hopeful that Indian captain will change soon as colored willow. Cameron is hoping that India’s limited overs will walk out in this modified tool in forthcoming IPL. Aiden Bizzard used the green colored bat and Mitch Johnson has used the orange color bat. The colored bat can be permitted in T20 franchise competition across the world. Spartan sports initially came with Chris Gayle in Golden color, which is the original hue of the bat.

Apart from Dhoni, this brand also kept the contract with the England Eoin Morgan, ODI captain, Christ Gayle – West Indies, Michael Clarke – Australian captain. Also, Sripali, woman cricketer in Sri Lanka and Sir Viv Richards uses the Spartan sponsored bat. The Spartan company has got popularity among people because of MS Dhoni bat sold at high cost and Dhoni’s Bat Is The Most Expensive Cricket Bat.

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