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Top 10 Best Fastest Bowlers In The Cricket World – 2017

Lasith Malinga, Top 10 Best Fastest Bowlers In The Cricket World - 2017

Let’s checkout to below list of Top 10 Best Fastest Bowlers In The World. Cricket is the third best highly watched sports after Rugby and Football. If any team having extraordinary bowling cricketer then, for sure they will win the match. In bowling, there is some style, in which bowlers implementing different techniques in order to out the opposite players. This list contains Steve Finn,  Morne Morkel, Varun Aaron and more players. Everyone likes swiftness and below mentioned bowlers are currently the fastest bowlers.

Best and fastest bowlers in the cricket world are mention here. Let’s checkout to below list.

Top 10 Best Fastest Bowlers In The Cricket World – 2017

These selected Cricketers are getting thousands of achievement and money in the cricket world and now he is Best Fastest Bowlers In The Cricket World. So, get ready to view The Top 10 Best Fastest Bowlers In The Cricket World – 2017 Of All Time below here:

10. Steve Finn

Steve Finn - World Fastest Bowler 2017

Steve Finn born on April 4, 1989 and he is a right arm bowler. He is also batsmen playing in right hand and Steve played in Under-19 two times in test matches and three times in ODI under 19 against India held in 2006. He placed in fastest bowler list with the speed of 151.9 Km/h.

9. Morne Morkel

Morne Morkel - World Fastest Bowler 2017

Morne Morkel born on October 6, 1984, who is a cricketer plays for South Africa. In Indian Premier League, he played in Kolkata Knight Riders and he is the right arm bowler. Morkel comes in one of the fastest bowlers in the world and his speed range is 152 Kph. In top 10 best fastest bowlers in the cricket world classification Morne Morkel will be one of the most famous cricketer in the cricket world.

8. Varun Aaron

Varun Aaron - World best Fastest Bowler 2017 in the world

He is an Indian cricketer, who born in Jamshedpur, Bihar. He is a right arm bowler and Varun first played in Under-19 in Jharkhand followed by the Jharkhand Ranji team. Varun Aron presently plays in the IPL for the team Royal Challengers Bangalore and his best bowling speed range is 152.5 Kph.

7. Kemar Roach

Kemar Roach - Fastest Bowler In The World 2017

He is the Barbadian International cricket player who working for West Indies. The roach has the skill to express high speeds and he has reached 152.7 Kph on a number of occasions. He took seventh place in the top fastest bowlers list among the world.

6. Adam Milne

Adam Milne - Best Fastest Bowlers 2017

He born in New Zealand on April 13th, 1992 and he is right arm bowler bats in the lower order. His fastest ball delivery was measured and he reached 153.2 Kph and this speed lets him get the sixth faster bowler place.

5. Wahab Riaz

Wahab Riaz

He is the Pakistani cricketer, who born on June 28th, 1985. He, not only fastest bowler, but also the right-hand batsman. Riaz continuously bowls with the speed around 140 Km/hour and he reached 154.5 Kph. In the best fastest bowlers in the cricket world list Wahab Riaz took the number five position among all other fastest bowlers in 2017.

4. Lasith Malinga

Lasith Malinga - Fastest Bowler In The World 2017

Malinga, who plays for Sri Lanka and he born on 28th August 1983. He nominated as captain for T20 International of Sri Lanka and worked till 2016. His fastest range for ball clocked at 155.7 Kph, due to this he got 4th position in this list.

3. Dale Steyn

Dale Steyn - Best Fastest Bowlers

He is the South African cricketer born on June 27, 1983. He can bowl at the speed up to 156 Km per hour and his fastest speed recorded at 155.7 Kph at the time of the 2010 IPL.

2. Mitchell Johnson

Mitchell Johnson - Fastest Bowler In The World 2017

Mitchell, born on 2nd November 1981, who plays for Australia and he is left arm bowler. He also works as a batsman and his fastest bowling speed 156.8 Kph allowed him to get the second place.

1. Mitchell Starc

Mitchell Starc - World Fastest Bowler

He born on January 30, 1990 and he working in Australia. Due to his fastest bowling record, he placed his name on top of the list with the range of 160.4 Kph. In the Top 10 Best Fastest Bowlers In The Cricket World list Mitchell Starc took the number one position among all other world’s fastest bowlers.

These above are Top 10 Best Fastest Bowlers In The Cricket World – 2017 with the lots of achievements in the cricket world. These cricket players have been a great inspiration and ideal for many cricket lover. They were in this position because of their passion towards cricket and their hard work pays them more. Cricket is one of the famous game and most people around the world are the die hard fan of this game since from childhood. Over the years, fast bowling art has evolved in several ways. Along with these evolution bowlers used different techniques to produce newer speed records.

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