Top 10 Highest Partnerships In IPL By Runs Record

Top 10 Highest Partnerships in IPL: Always it is best to switch on media to watch the IPL season as it is the most entertaining form of cricket game. Obviously, IPL has many interesting features that have to be given keen notice very specially the partnership between any two batmen is more important as it makes any team to lead victory. Let we discuss about few IPL batsmen who have made records in partnership.

By this year 2017, the IPL has already over and the franchises are gearing up to make some interesting moves for the upcoming year and so you have to get updated with the list of top 10 Highest Partnerships in IPL so far:

A list of Top 10 Highest Partnerships In IPL By Runs Record :

10. Cameron White & Kumar Sangakkara – 157 runs:

Cameron White & Kumar Sangakkara, op 10 Highest Partnerships In IPL
Top 10 Highest Partnerships In IPL

Kumar Sangakkara is a renowned batsman out with lot of experience and he is from Sri Lanka and another player from Australia, namely Cameron White a famous batsman, both batsmen have score around 157 run and mark their names in the top ten lists in the partnership of IPL 2017. This game was more exciting to the fans and they enjoyed watching interestingly with more fun.

9. Michael Hussey & Murali Vijay – 159 runs:

Michael Hussey & Murali Vijay,highest opening partnership in test
highest opening partnership in test

Both players were a hit combination for teams against them to win the title of IPL and both players were the opening pair to Chennai Super Kings. Vijay and Hussey are considered as the destructive pair who together had scored 159 run and made record in the top list of partnership. This remarkable score was made against the Royal challengers Bangalore in Chennai, 2011. Both player are serious hitters and turn games to the winning way.

 8. Sachin Tendulkar & Dwayne Smith – 163* runs:

CRICKET-T20-IPL-IND-MUMBAI-CHENNAI,highest 4th wicket partnership in odi
highest 4th wicket partnership in odi

Tendulakar is the God Of Cricket and he is a destructive opener for Mumbai Indians. Here Dwayne Smith and Tendulakar made a great partnership against the Gujarat Lions and scored 163 runs. Now Tendulakar had got retired and supporting the Mumbai Indians a lot in order to hit cup. As result, they made record on list of top 10 partnerships in IPL matches.

7. Chris Gayle & Tillakaratne Dilshan – 167 runs:

Chris Gayle & Tillakaratne Dilshan,highest partnership in t20
highest partnership in T20

Chris Gayle is being considered as the boss of T20 cricket; he is a player from West Indies and Dilshan is the key player from Sri Lanka who is an opener for his nation. Their partnerships have created many unforgettable moments for the audience. Moreover, Gayle always creates cyclone in any stadium he plays at and hit massive sixes and fours at every corner of the pitches. Both the players have had created a remarkable 167 runs partnership and got a place in this list.

6. Herschelle Gibbs & Rohit Sharma- 167 runs:

Herschelle Gibbs & Rohit Sharma,highest 4th wicket partnership in odi
highest 4th wicket partnership in odi

Both players are from Mumbai Indians Gibbs and Rohit Sharma have had scored 167 run a good partnership. Hence, it ensures the place in the top 10 list of the partnership and Rohit Sharma is being leading Mumbai due to the formers have got retried. Both played paired in the second wickets and scored 182 run on board. In this match, Rohit made record of high score 109 and this had helped Mumbai Indians to win by 27 runs in Kolkata against the KKR.

5. David Warner & Naman Ojha – 189* runs:

David Warner & Naman Ojha,highest opening partnership in odi
highest opening partnership in odi

David Warner plays T20 match for Sunrise Hyderabad and he is also the slipper of his team. Here Ojha is a young wicketkeeper who makes better support at every time to lead the match in the winning way. Both leading players made partnership and went scored 189 runs and David Warner score 109 run out of 54 balls and this match was conducted in the Hyderabad in the month of May 10th 2012. Hence, they made record as a better partnership in the top 10 list.

 4. Chris Gayle & Virat Kohli – 204* runs:

Chris Gayle & Virat Kohli,highest partnership in test for india
highest partnership in test for india

Chris Gayle a man of big hitter to Royal Challengers Bangalore and Virt Kohli a man of classy who keeps the important role in the Royal Challengers Bangalore team. Both combined to score 204 runs against Delhi Daredevils and it is great target for the opposition to chase. Finally, Royal Challengers Bangalore won the game by 21 runs and in this match the Chris Gayle had won the Man of Match. Virat Kohli lead Royal Challengers Bangalore in a successful manner.

3. Adam Gilchrist & Shaun Marsh – 206 runs:

Adam Gilchrist & Shaun Marsh, highest partnership in odi
highest partnership in odi

Gilchrist is a legendary Australian batsman who had played T20 matches for Kings XI Punjab. He is a left-handed batsman and has lots of experience in playing the major matches. Both Shaun and Gilchrist go paired to score 206 runs against the Royal Challengers Bangalore on 11 May 2011. Hence, it is more comfortable partnership to score high runs for their team.

2. Virat Kohli & AB de Villiers – 215* runs:

Virat Kohli & AB de Villiers,op 10 Highest Partnerships In IPL
Top 10 Highest Partnerships In IPL

AB de Villiers and Kohli become dangerous players in the T20 cricket and both player stand in the second position on the list of partnership. They scored 215 runs against the Mumbai Indians in the year 2011 and total score of the match is 235 runs by RBC. At the end, Mumbai Indians failed to chase the target in this match.

1. Virat Kohli & AB de Villiers – 229* runs: Tops in Highest Partnerships In IPL List

Virat Kohli & AB de Villiers 12,highest partnership in test for 10th wicket (1)
highest partnership in test for 10th wicket

Once again, both players are joined and they made another record in the top 10 highest partnerships in IPL matches. Both players scored unbeaten 229 runs between them and both the players have had hit all balls on every corner of pitch. In this match both players scored centuries and they have strike rate of 195. Then the Gujarat Lions failed to chase the target and Gujarat lions scored just 106 runs. This match had taken place in the year 2016 on 14th march at Bangalore. These partnership took the number one position in the highest partnerships in IPL list.

Conclusion: Top 10 Highest Partnerships In IPL By Runs Record

From the above article, the reader and fans can collect details about top 10 highest partnerships in IPL, who all have scored high runs in the IPL matches together as partnerships. Hence, it is very easy for the readers to gather details about the best batsmen and much more data about the T20 matches. These highest partnerships in IPL are most popular in the cricket history.

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