Top 10 Best Left Handed Batsmen In the World of Cricket – 2017

Let’s check out to below list of Top 10 Best Left Handed Batsmen In the World of Cricket. Very few batsmen in cricket are left handed, who are really unique in their way. When comparing to a right handed batsman, the crowd is mostly attracted by the left handed batsmen. The specialty of the left handed batsmen is that they hit the ball in an unusual way, so the fielder is unable to catch the ball. The following are the top 10 Best left handed batsmen in 2019 – 2017.

Best Left Handed Batsmen in the cricket world are mention here. Let’s checkout to below list.

List of Top 10 Best Left Handed Batsmen In the World of Cricket.

These selected Cricketers are getting thousands of achievement in the cricket world and now he is best Left Handed Batsmen in the cricket world. So, get ready to view The Top 10 Best Left Handed Batsmen 2017 of all time below here:

10. Eoin Morgan

Eoin Morgan - best Left Handed Batsmen 2017

Eoin Morgan is one of the finest left handed players in England cricket team. He is the most dependable performer and he is proving himself in every match. The main skill of Eoin Morgan is tackling the situation in a very peaceful way and he is a cool player.

9. Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh is a stylish batsman and he is also an all rounder cricket man from Punjab. Even his diagnoses of cancer, he played his match with the fullest effort. He is tall and hard hitting left handed batsmen who is the inspiration for many youngsters.

8. Shikhar Dhawan

Shikhar Dhawan attracted all the spectators by his left handed skill. He is the fastest cricketer in his debut show and he blasted that day. Because of his batting skill, he was selected as the opening batsman in the team. The opening batsman was fixed before after his arrival to the cricket team, he is selected as an opening batsman.

7. Shaun Marsh

Shaun Marsh is an Australian cricket player whose father is the opening batsman. He is a young cricketer who scored high runs and he makes a benchmark for many upcoming cricketers. Shaun Marsh is the best left handed cricket man in the Australian team, which was his main specialty. He scored a century in his debut match which established his skill.

6. Corey Anderson

Corey Anderson is the New Zealand player who is famous for his consistent and powerful striking ability. He made the world record for long-standing and fastest batsman in the year 2014. He was a prominent player and he scored the best runs being a teenager.

5. David Miller

David Miller is a South African cricket man, who entered in his young age in cricket. His real force in cricket is because of his batting style. David Miller technique in cricket is mainly grace and elegance in playing. His brutal power came out when he hits the ball and his also a reliable player in South Africa.

4. Alastair Cook

Alastair Cook - Left Handed Batsmen

Alastair Cook plays for the England team and who is the left handed cricket man. He proved his skill against the Australian team and made a victory in the series, which was done after 24 years. He is a notable stint and he is a remarkable batsman in his team.

3. Suresh Raina

Suresh Raina is the Indian cricket player who makes the string for n generation. The skill in hitting the ball with his left hand made him very massive and healthy player in the team. He is also an electric fielder and trusted a person in the Indian team.

2. Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle is an efficient and respectful Jamaican left handed cricketer. He is famous for his hammering strokes and his cold-bloodedly hits in his career. Chris Gayle is a very unique and grip left handed batsmen in his team. He is the best survived and thrived batsman in cricket.

1. David Warner

David Warner - best Left Handed Batsmen

David Warner is the most destructive left handed batsmen in the world cricket. He is an opening batsman in the Australian cricket team. His ability in batting and his seniority made him vice-captain to Steven Smith. His responsibility in batting was inspired by many of the cricketers. But now, he is an indispensable player in his team. In the world’s best Left Handed Batsmen 2017 of the cricket world list David Warner took the number one position among all other world’s best Left Handed Batsmen.

These above are Top 10 Best Left Handed Batsmen In the World of Cricket with the lots of achievements in the cricket history. These above mentioned cricketers have been a great inspiration and ideal for many cricket lover. The above best Left Handed Batsmen was inspired by many of the youngsters and their skill is remarkable. Every batsman has their unique style, but the left handed batsmen are attracted by the spectators.

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